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Steaming Pitcher Rinser (Flush Mount)

Steaming Pitcher Rinser (Flush Mount)

$ 179.95

When you are brewing multiple shots of cappuccino or other milk-based drinks, whether at home or in a commercial environment, you know that time is a key factor. Steaming pitchers need to be clean and cooled down, both for sanitary purposes and achieving quality texture to the milk, before you can steam again. This important process can take away your precious time with your guests and customers. The steaming pitcher rinsers by Krome Dispense are an effective solution to this problem, rinsing your pitchers in between each use. They facilitate cleaning, allowing you to quickly remove the milk deposits that stain the pitcher after every drink. At the same time, they dampen the temperature of the pitcher, so that the next batch of steamed milk can attain great taste and consistency. All you need to do is push down the black support base with your pitcher, whatever the size, and water will spray inside it, washing out the leftover milk into the connected drain. The Flush Mount model is suitable for those who want to imbed it into their counter, thus saving space for yourself and your workers. The water and drain tubes connect to the bottom of the model, to eliminate excess space and to tidy up your counter. It's made of superior quality, given a fine finish, and made sure to be durable for any environment. It's ideal and suitable for catering events and portable espresso stands.

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