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Joe Glo Espresso Machine-Coffee Pot Cleaner

Joe Glo Espresso Machine-Coffee Pot Cleaner

$ 12.95

Joeglo is a premium quality cleaner specially formulated for cleaning coffee oils. While you're busy pulling shots, residual oils from your coffee are busy building up in the guts of your espresso machine. Unchecked, the residue rapidly becomes rancid and pollutes the flavor of your coffee. It quickly and completely removes residual coffee oils, odors and flavors from your group heads, lines and valves. JoeGlo even contains a water softener to help prevent scale buildup. Originally created to wash down and clean out commercial wine making equipment, JoeGlo has been reformulated specifically for use in cleaning sensitive espresso machines. Use as a commercial espresso machine backflush detergent, also cleans and deodorizes your portafilters, screens, shot glasses and utensils quickly. Use it to clean out your glass pots, airpots, urns, thermos', french presses, and steam pitchers. For the very effective soaking solution: Pour a tablespoon of JoeGlo into a quart of very HOT water, stir to dissolve. Use the solution to soak your portafilter handles, filter inserts, utensils, etc... The flavor of the finished product is everything and to get there, a clean machine is absolutely essential. JoeGlo also works wonders on crusty steam wands. Just soak them for a couple of minutes and they're clean. It can be used for non-backflush machines to mix up a soaking solution

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