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Bee House Tea Infuser Basket (Medium)

Bee House Tea Infuser Basket (Medium)

$ 11.95

Fix up your favorite teapot with these original manufacturer replacement parts! This Bee House replacement infuser fits all medium Bee House Teapots. (BBN-02, BBN-50, etc) You can also use this on all Bee House medium teapots (BBN-02, BBN-50,etc) for an extra deep basket upgrade! Does not replace Ice Tea baskets BBN-14M or liter+ teapots BBN-70, etc.

The manufacturer lists this as 2 5/8" x 3", but actual measurements show the outside diameter of the top rim is 2 3/4". The diameter of the mesh (and the minimum size of the teapot opening) is 2 3/8". The top rim protrudes about 3/16" on all sides.  The only difference between this and the large infuser is the basket depth.

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