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Part number: BBN-03, imported from Japan

The Bee House 22 oz ceramic teapots feature  elegant glossy finishes, removable stainless steel flip top lids, and removable stainless steel infusers. This tiny teapot is great for a personal teapot, or for a creamer service. Teapots are dishwasher safe, and microwave safe with stainless steel lid and infuser are removed.  

Bee House 22oz Teapots fit both sizes of the Bee House coffee dripper.  It uses a medium lid, and a large infuser basket.

Please note that all our Japanese teapots are pretty small - you can fit 22oz of water in these filled to the top, but you can't brew more than about 17oz comfortably in this size teapot.

Bee House (Zero Japan) ceramic products are manufactured in the Gifu prefecture, the center of Japanese ceramics for many centuries. The Bee House name was inspired by the concept of a group of dedicated people working closely together to create well-designed, simple and functional products.